Hello dear readers..

I decide to change my description:


21 facts about me:

  1. I am follower of Jesus Christ. He’s the omnipresent, my Abba Father. I’m proud being a Christian and i love Him with all my heart.
  2. Love k-dramas… as usual girl like :3
  3. Currently studying in Jakarta (where i was born)
  4. Might be the most talkative girl in this universe.
  5. I love my nephew so much. His name’s shalom. I’ve sung a whole album only to him, note! only to him. It made him calm hehehe :v (Although i don’t have a good enough voice to hear) wkwkwk 😀
  6. Would rather spend money on foods rather than clothes, shoes, or something like those things hahaha :v
  7. The real extrovert person in the world.
  8. I love dogs to the fullest.
  9. I don’t like cockroaches. I always try to kill them when i look those ‘guy’
  10. I like blue, yellow, and green
  11. I like pop-music, jazz, and indie.
  12. I can’t spell R clearly till now. 😦
  13. 100% bataknese, although some people think i’m javanese, manadonese, sundanese, chinese, even japanesse -_-. I told you once again i am the real 100% bataknese. But sometimes, i think it might be true cause if you look my grandmother, she looks like a chinese or japanese with her eyes.
  14. I like eating powder milk without water.
  15. I can eat 5 boiled corns just in 20 minutes.
  16. It’s easy to be hungry for me.
  17. My called name ‘Lala’ is a gift from my brother when i was 2 years old.
  18. My first dream is to be an aeroplane engineer, but now i’m a statistician wanna be.
  19. Been a fan of Payung Teduh since January 2016 (especially this song ==> Untuk perempuan yang sedang dalam pelukan, i like it so much ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 ).
  20. Can’t live without sleeping. hahaha
  21. I hope you can be blessed by reading this blogs (halah halah) hehehe :v



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